Mo – Day 25

by Lara on November 25, 2011


It’s day 25 and Eric posed with some aviator sunglasses – except not at all. I’m calling them generically 70s style instead :)  Have you donated to his Mo cause yet?

If you haven’t and a little incentive will help then for a $10 donation I will write an “in fifty” on the subject of your choice. For $20 I will write a whole post on whatever subject you like (as long as I wouldn’t find it morally objectionable).  Eric says for $100 he’ll write the morally objectionable ones, though I don’t think you should choose that one.

Any takers? :)

Friend in 50

She makes me laugh like few people can; she’s my kind of funny.

She makes her friends feel special, taking the time to make them feel cared for, especially when times are tough. Usually with something yummy.

She has good taste in houses.

She’s going away and I’ll miss her.

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