Orange you glad they’re so cute?

by Lara on January 10, 2012

Hello blog world – have you missed me?

I think that November blogging every day/going on a ten day vacation/following it up by the Holidays and the kids being off school for over two weeks was a bit on the overwhelming side and poor old Gliding Through Motherhood got the short end of the stick (is that how that saying goes? I generally get those wrong)

There has been no end to the totally blog-able moments over the last month and a bit, if only they blogged themselves :)

Instead I bring some snippets and glimpses into life with these three monkeys, interspersed with cute photos from the holidays.  It’s an all in one kinda post :)

Quinn is currently obsessed with orange – particularly when it comes to mealtime.  When we’re at home, if he does not get the orange cup, the orange plate, the orange spoon (OMG DID YOU GIVE HIM AN ORANGE FORK?! HE HATES FORKS!) he loses it.  And I mean he throws himself around and cries and screams and does nothing of any use until he gets his orange mealtime accessories.

This has made Kiernan, of the “I love blue and green EVERYTHING” suddenly believe he too loves the orange plate/bowl/what have you.  It’s a whole pile of awesome at every meal :)

Juliette wore her party dress Christmas eve. She would not wear tights... so... fabulous christmas dress with Dora jeans underneath - PERFECT! :)

We are attempting the starting stages of toilet training – what fun!

Juliette does fairly well on the toilet but wants nothing to do with pull ups, or going to the toilet.  Quinn is very happy to sit on the toilet all the time, ONLY wants to wear pull ups, and produces absolutely nothing. Put them together and we’d be set…   if only.

See that photo of Juliette above? She's playing her new innotab. All three kids got their own kid tablet. My boys aren't stupid - they know where the real fun is at! ;)

Quinn loves cookie monster.  But LOVES him.  We get alot of “Mommy?”  ”Yes Quinn” “Cookie monster!”

Ok buddy :)  He loves to play cookie monster games online (the kid is a computer whiz – he can totally handle playing my computer on his own!!) and Santa brought him one of the best toys ever!

He is so enjoyed by all we don't mind how much cookie monster talks :)

There’s so much more, but that’s all I’ve got for now. I hope you’ve all been well – I’ll be back soon! I get to announce this fun thing I’m doing with vitamins :)


so cute. D2 got the same cookie monster toy. Did you see the cookie monster cup cakes I made for his birthday? I posted them on FB. Although at the moment D2 doesn't like it when Cookie Monster talks. So I spend all my time opening his mouth so D2 can put the cookies in. So much fun!


My sister got her two-year-old that same cookie monster and he is just TERRIFIED of it. I'm so glad to see Quinn looking so adorably happy with his! Your kids are SERIOUSLY adorable.


Doesn't he go off when you open his mouth? Or I guess you can turn him off right? We never do that. #lesigh


Aw thanks!! I could see some kids being scared of that thing - my kids are used to loud and obnoxious though... they live with each other. ha! ;)

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