Hard days

by Lara on February 5, 2012

I love my kids. Beyond measure.

But there are days when:

– I feel like my kids are out to get me. They are horribly behaved for. It makes me feel like an awful mother, no matter how often people tell me it’s because they love me so much and are so excited to be with me and feel so comfortable with me.

– I feel judged by others and it’s hard to take.

– I feel I am too honest about how hard I find things. Leading to my previous point. I wonder if I need to lie, and if that’s what most others are actually doing.

– I want to cry because I thought I would rock at being a mom and I really don’t feel like I do.

Just to be clear, daily there are moments when:

– I hug and hold each one of them.

– Love watching how much all three of them enjoy each other’s company.

– Feel grateful to have three such lovely and charming children who are happy and healthy.

It’s just that it’s also hard.

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