When they stop making me grouchy

by Lara on December 7, 2012

I’m not sure if I’ve made this clear through my blog, but I am fairly easily irritated.  I really don’t like to be inconvenienced and I don’t like to pay for things I think shouldn’t cost money.

For EXAMPLE cell phone costs.  What drives me crazy? Having to pay an activation fee when I just agreed to continue paying the company an enormous amount of money for 3 years PLUS paid for a phone.  That activation fee…. totally not a lot of money in the grand scheme of how much I’m paying for my phone and if you put the total amount for those 3 years together and took the activation fee off of that number I’d think it inconsequential.  But the principle of paying it has always made me CRAZY grouchy. (Poor guys who work in the cell phone stores who feel my very great irritation. )

Know what else I hate? Paying scads of money for voicemail and call display.  Someone had to flip a switch once, just make me happy and don’t charge me for it.  Or make it like, $2. I’d be ok with $2.  Even $2 for each service.  What it actually costs?  Makes me grouchy.

When I got asked if I wanted to write about some of the recent changes Telus has made to their cell phone plans and I saw they’ve eliminated activation fees and are including voicemail and call display I decided that was information worth sharing.  Maybe there will be a few less grouchy customers complaining to Telus employees now :)

Anytime upgrades sound good too because with the cost of smartphones, I just can’t afford to upgrade without it being when I sign a new contract.

Cell phones are expensive but (for me at least) a non-negotiable part of life now. Making the process of having them more pleasant is something I’m definitely all for.

Here are all the changes they made (straight from their mouths):

  • Customers spoke, saying they wanted more freedom and flexibility and TELUS listened and eliminated activation fees. They’re the first premium Canadian carrier to get rid of them
  • TELUS will no longer charge a $35 activation fee for new customers, nor will they charge a $25 equipment exchange for renewing customers
  • TELUS customers said that if they’re to be charged for something, they would rather it be for a tangible “thing” rather than something intangible like an activation
  • TELUS listened and now charges $10 for SIM cards to cover the product cost that was previously included in their renewal and activation fees; A new SIM card is only required when customers don’t already have a compatible TELUS SIM card for their device

By listening to customers, TELUS has not only eliminated activation fees, it has dramatically simplified its entire fee schedule. This builds on a series of improvements made over the past several years where TELUS has also:

  • Eliminated carrier 911 and system access fees on all its Clear and Simple rate plans
  • Reduced bill shock with Flex Data Plans, Data Notifications and Worry-free Travel by reducing international roaming rates by up to 60%
  • Added Caller ID and Voicemail as standard on all TELUS rate plans
  • Simplified device pricing with Anytime Upgrades
  • Revolutionized mobility contracts by introducing a Device Balance instead of a contract termination fee

*Disclaimer: Telus gave me a lovely phone but my opinions about activation fees are all my own :)

Rayanne Langdon (@rlangdon)
Rayanne Langdon (@rlangdon)

Thanks so much for sharing your grouchy and non-grouchy experiences, Lara ; ) So glad to hear what the recent changes mean for you! --Rayanne Langdon, High Road Communications (on behalf of TELUS)


Hmmmm...methinks I'll be possibly switching to Telus at some point in the range of about January 2014 when my contract with Bell ends. Because seriously, these are changes that are worth switching for. The only way I'd stay with Bell is if I got the same. It's possible. Matt is on a Telus phone and I told Bell his plan and that I would leave if I couldn't get a similar plan. They totally did - PLUS a 10% discount. This really needs to start a trend in mobile providers. Canadians are being gouged.

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