I got obsessed with UK Youtubers

by Lara on January 23, 2014

This Fall I finally figured out how so many people make a fortune by posting videos on YouTube by becoming one of the people who spend ridiculous amounts of time watching videos on YouTube.

So let’s talk about how this all started (and make sure to check the very end of this post if you get bored with all the rest of this before that ;).  It started because I like songs with ukuleles.  They’re happy!!  They’re fun!  I love them!  So somehow I was looking for songs with people playing the ukulele because they make me happy and I found a song on Tom Fletcher’s YouTube channel.  It was this one:

I had no idea who he was, and you likely have no idea who he is either since you’re likely Canadian like me, but he’s in a band from the UK called McFly and I like their music too so that was a win.

Then, he recorded a version of the band’s newest song with his sister and it turns out she’s bigger on YouTube than he is.  Here’s that video:

Then I found out that she was dating another popular YouTuber – but NO, they had broken up and their YouTube audience was pretty sad about it.  Luckily they’re still friends and make still make videos together.  And then I discovered that figuring out how everyone was connected to each other and who was dating who was really fun in one of those “why on earth am I wasting so much time on this?” kind of way.  (It’s the same as enjoying People magazine I’ve decided.)

And so on any given day I am now wasting 10-45 minutes watching videos, many from the UK but I’ve found some from the US I like too (can’t find any great Canadian ones though.)  Sometimes I eve learn lots, like from the vlogbrothers.

Yesterday, when I should have been doing something completely different, I instead decided it was the time for ME to vlog.  So, while I am hesitant and unsure about even sharing this (I didn’t even ask for a thumbs up or subscribe at the end which is key from any vlogger), I present to you my first vlog for your viewing pleasure.

Now I’m going to stop watching YouTube videos and be productive.  I think.

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