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by Lara on March 1, 2014

Right before the new year my friend Annie (PhD in Parenting) posted a link to this post about something called #365feministselfies.  I read it and it resonated with me on so many levels.


People seem to think that people taking photos of themselves are self-centred, and trying to make sure everyone thinks they’re beautiful/attractive etc.  I think they are so much more.

Am I a fan of the endless sexy duckface lowcut top selfies?  Not really.  But, I also think that there is a lot of good in getting comfortable with how you look and taking selfies definitely does that.

Love yourself

It’s hard.  It’s really hard for me to take a photo of myself every day that I feel comfortable enough posting to the internet.  Trust me, I rarely look the way I want to.  I do it though, because it’s doing a few things for me

– It’s making me take a long hard look at myself regularly.  I think that’s a good thing.

– It’s documenting my life more than it ever has been before and I think it’s creating great memories.

– It’s opening up a conversation about the concept of selfies with a lot of people and I think that may have been the most fascinating. Why?  Because so many women DON’T love themselves.  I have encountered GORGEOUS, and I mean beautifully, immaculately put together women who can’t handle taking a selfie because they don’t like how they look.

This is the selfie I like the best of the 54 I’ve taken in 2014.  I feel pretty and kind of glamourous, but I also know that it helped that it was over exposed.

More often than not I look like this:

I like that these photos are teaching me to see the beauty in the daily moments.  I like that they’re teaching me to stop hiding even if I think I don’t look great.  And I like that I’m getting more comfortable sharing moments I wouldn’t have shared before.


It helps that I’m doing this so much.  While a lot of what I see makes me want to improve things (use more moisturizers, lose more weight, take more photos from above because it smooths out my skin, has my chin always been so pointy?!) because of COURSE we always want to look our best, I also realize that I look pretty ok without a ton of effort on most days, and that’s great for my overall confidence.

I think I look French in this photo. Eric doesn’t get it. Anyone else think that? :)

I’m going to keep taking these (almost) daily photos.  If you want to see them, follow me on Instagram.  Sometimes I post them to Facebook and Twitter too, but more often than not I leave them on Instagram only.

I challenge you to take a selfie today, especially if you never have or rarely do.  I’d love to see them, so leave them in the comments or leave me a link and I’ll come and see it. It’s time for a bit more selfie love.

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